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FFS Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation is for eligible members who need transportation to a Medicaid paid service and who are not enrolled in a Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO/CCCPlus). 

You may be entitled to transportation from your MCO/CCC Plus plan. Some of the information on this website does not apply to MCO/CCC Plus transportation.  Refer to your MCO/CCC Plus benefits handbook or contact your MCO/CCC Plus plan for an explanation of transportation benefits.  Click here for MCO/CCC Plus transportation contact telephone numbers. 

Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation is pre-scheduled, pre-authorized and medically necessary transportation to Medicaid-paid services such as medical appointments, waiver programs and dialysis.   

Medically necessary transportation is defined as the most appropriate level or type of vehicle that can safely be provided to the member.   NEMT levels of service include taxi (including sedans and mini-vans), non-emergency ambulance, stretcher van and wheelchair van.  You may also have three alternatives:  fixed-route public transportation, mileage reimbursement or Volunteer Driver. 

You will need your Member Medicaid ID number, date of birth, name of doctor or facility, the scheduled pick up address, destination address, treating facility’s phone number, date and time of appointment, and return time.

Transportation is provided for Medicaid members who have no other means of transportation to a Medicaid-paid service. In case of a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.

You can make a reservation on the Member Services Website ( You can call the NEMT reservation line at 866-386-8331 at least five (5) business days prior to the scheduled medical appointment. (Verifiable urgent trips, like a follow-up appointment or sudden, non-life threatening illness, may be reserved with less than five (5) business days’ notice.)  Please have your Medicaid ID number and the necessary appointment information ready when calling the reservations line.  You can also make a reservation using the LogistiCare Trip Manager Mobile App. 

If you usually go to the pharmacy after your medical appointment, please request the trip to the pharmacy at the same time you make your transportation reservation to your medical appointment. If you find out at the medical appointment you need to go to the pharmacy, you must contact LogistiCare immediately at 1-866-386-8331.  Request that a pharmacy stop be added to you return trip.  You will need to give the name and address of your pharmacy.

LogistiCare will ask you about your health condition and physical limitations in determining the most appropriate type of transportation.

Ambulatory is defined as

  • able to walk , or
  • able to walk with the assistance of a walker or other device; or
  • able to transfer from a wheelchair to a vehicle without assistance, and able to stand and pivot without assistance

A wheelchair van is a motorized vehicle equipped specifically with a certified wheelchair lift, and wheelchair securement system designed or adapted to safely carry passengers in manual or electric wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Wheelchair van services can only be used in non-emergency transportation. They are limited to use by members who can sit upright, to members without acute medical problems that require them to remain in a horizontal position, and by members who use a mobility device.

Ambulance, as defined by Code of Virginia §32.1-111.1, means any vehicle, vessel or craft that holds a valid permit issued by the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) and that is specially constructed, equipped, maintained and operated, and intended to be used for emergency medical care and the transportation of patients who are sick, injured, wounded, or otherwise incapacitated or helpless. The word “ambulance” may not appear on any vehicle, vessel or aircraft that does not hold a valid EMS vehicle permit. LogistiCare only provides non-emergency ambulance transportation. 

A Stretcher-van is similar to a wheelchair van but it is designed to transport a passenger on a stretcher.  It is used when a passenger must be transported in a prone position but does not need the medical services of an ambulance. Stretcher-van service does not provide emergency medical transport and does not include any medical monitoring, medical aid, medical care or medical treatment during transport.  It requires a crew of two people on board to safely load and unload the stretcher.

Transportation for a routine appointment must be requested five (5) business days in advance. The day of the request does not count as one of the five days.  The day of the appointment does count.

You will need the following information to complete the reservation:

  1. Member’s full name,
  2. Member’s 12-digit Medicaid number,
  3. Street address of the residence or specific building name such as “701 3rd Street, ABC Apartments, #303) where the member is to be picked up
  4. Street address of the specific destination where the member appointment will occur such as University Hospital,  Jefferson Building, 1200 N 4th Street, Room 711.   
  5. Transportation reservations may be taken with less than a 5-day notice if they are of an urgent nature, which will be verified with the physician’s office.

Urgent reservations are defined as a trip to treat a sudden illness or other medical condition that is not life threatening but the member’s doctor or other healthcare professional wants to see the member in less than a five (5)-day notice. For example, a baby wakes up with a serious cold or and adult has an infection.  Urgent care reservations are not for routine appointments or appointments where the member failed to notify LogistiCare to arrange transportation.  

Examples of such trips are follow-up appointments within five days, appointments deemed “urgent” by the physician, urgent MRI or CT Scan ordered by a physician, wound care, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. LogistiCare will verify the urgency with the physician’s office.

Yes, all Medicaid-paid services are subject to verification or service authorization prior to transport.

Emergency ambulance trips are not arranged through LogistiCare. If an emergency ambulance trip is needed, 9-1-1 should be called.

To cancel a trip, notify LogistiCare immediately by calling the "Ride Assist" line at 866 246-9979. If you do not cancel the trip early enough, the provider will not be paid for the trip.  However, the transportation provider can file a “Rider No-Show” complaint against you if you did not cancel.

Examples are sudden life threatening medical situations, significant trauma, comas, shock, uncontrolled bleeding, respiratory distress, poisoning, drug overdose and any situation where immediate medical treatment is necessary.

A member’s transportation becomes “late” 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.  Call the “Ride Assist” line and file a “Provider Late” complaint. Ride Assist can call the provider about the delay or try to find another provider for your trip.

The "Ride Assist" phone number for the entire State of Virginia is 866 246-9979.

Please refer to the chart below. In order to determine the region you are in, find the city or county in which you live and refer to the region number at the top of the column.

Your return trip can be scheduled as a “Will Call”. You will use the same “Ride Assist” phone number listed above. Once the appointment is finished, you or someone at the medical facility will call the “Ride Assist” phone number and request transportation to be sent to pick you up. The transportation provider will be dispatched and will have up to 45 minutes to arrive.


For questions, complaints or concerns, please call "Ride Assist" at (866) 246-9979 and speak with a customer service representative. The customer service representative will give you a tracking number for your complaint or concern. Please keep this number for future reference.

Yes, members who are deaf and hard of hearing can dial 7-1-1 or use your preferred Relay Service to reach us at 1-866-386-8331 or TTY 1-866-288-3133.

Medicaid members do not have the freedom of choice to choose their transportation provider. A request can be made and will be noted by LogistiCare.  However, LogistiCare reserves the right to utilize a different transportation provider consistent with the transportation needs of the member.

Transportation can be arranged by you, your representatives (such as family, friends, or case manager) or your Medical service provider.

Minors age 17 and under must be escorted by a parent, guardian, relative or friend.  The escort must be age 18 or over unless it is the parent.  Minors 17 and under may travel alone to certain after-school Medicaid-paid programs services if a Consent and Release of Liability Form signed by the parent or guardian is on file with LogistiCare. Please contact the Utilization Review Department at 1-866-386-8331 for more information.

Please refer to the Consent and Release of Liability Form found on this website on the download navigator.   

The Consent and Release of Liability Form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian of the minor.

A transportation attendant accompanies a member or a group of members during transport only.  The attendant is on the vehicle to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle and the safety of the members. The attendant is employed by the transportation provider. The attendant is not a medical professional and cannot provide any medical services. A transportation attendant will be provided for a member or a group of members when it is necessary for the safety of the member(s), to ensure timeliness of the trip and to reduce behavioral problems en route.  Attendant requests need to be approved through LogistiCare’s Utilization Review Department (URD) before transport.  Please call URD at 1-866-386-8331 for assistance.

An escort is a family member, friend or facility employee who accompanies a Medicaid member (any age) for the entire trip and stays with the member at the destination. LogistiCare is not responsible for providing escorts.  There is no charge for an escort to ride with the member.  Please let LogistiCare know an escort is riding with the member at the time of calling in your reservation.

Requests for an attendant will be accepted from a qualified assessor, such as the member’s parent or guardian, the member’s case manager or social worker.

At the time of the request, an Attendant Care Eligibility Assessment form must be completed and faxed to LogistiCare’s Utilization Review at 866-907-1491.

  1. You will find the Attendant Care Eligibility Assessment Form on this website on the download navigator.

No, attendants are for the safety of members while riding the vehicle only.  However, the member can have an escort ride for free.  When the transportation reservation is called in make sure and tell the customer service representative you have an escort riding as well.

LogistiCare coordinates volunteer drivers to transport Medicaid members to and from their Medicaid covered service anywhere in Virginia. A Volunteer Driver is someone who is willing to share their time and vehicle to help meet the transportation needs of their community. The Volunteer Driver provides NEMT for local and long distance trips and receives mileage reimbursement.

  1. The requirements are:
    1. At least 18 years of age
    2. Current and valid driver’s license with 2 prior years of driving experience
    3. Good driving record with (-) 2 points or less
    4. Criminal background check and drug screen
    5. Liability automobile insurance coverage
    6. A LogistiCare-inspected automobile which is safe and in roadworthy condition.  The vehicle will have a LogistiCare sticker on the passenger side back window.
    7. Passenger assistance Training

Note: Volunteer Drivers have the same requirements as regular transportation provider’s drivers.

  1. Reimbursed at a rate of $0.50 per traveled mile, personal satisfaction of helping others, FREE Emergency Kit, LogistiCare driver training, etc.
  1. To become a Volunteer Driver you can contact a LogistiCare Network Development at (866) 810-8305 ext. 2615.

Mileage Reimbursement pays a member’s friend, neighbor or relative at a rate of at least $0.40 per mile or more from the member’s residence to the Medicaid paid service and the return trip home. Mileage Reimbursement trips must be pre-authorized by LogistiCare before transport.  LogistiCare assigns a unique trip number to the reservation.  The trip number is needed to receive any reimbursement.

Prior to the trip, call LogistiCare to schedule the transportation. When scheduling mileage reimbursement trips, you will need the name of the person who will be transporting the member as well as their telephone number and mailing address.

In order to be reimbursed, a Mileage Reimbursement Trip Log will need to be completed. The physician’s office must sign the trip log. The payee will mail the completed signed trip log to LogistiCare’s Claims Department for processing. You still need to call LogistiCare before the trip(s) is made to get a trip number for the trip log. If you fail to call in ahead of time, you will not receive reimbursement.

You will find the Mileage reimbursement Trip Log on this website on the download navigator.  Contact LogistiCare before transporting to receive prior approval and trip number for reimbursement. The trip number is required for reimbursement.

The check will be issued three (3) to four (4) weeks after LogistiCare’s receipt of the properly completed Mileage Reimbursement Trip Log.


Call the LogistiCare reservations line at 866-386-8331 at least five (5) days before the scheduled medical appointment. This allows for proper delivery of the bus tokens, tickets, swipe cards or passes. Please tell the customer service representative the member will be using public transportation.

Yes.  A copy can be accessed on this website on the download navigator.

Please call LogistiCare’s Transportation Coordinator toll free at 866-810-8305 Ext. 2620.

Yes, please call LogistiCare at 866-386-8331 to request a translator for the language you speak.

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