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Yes, billing invoice forms are required to be submitted with all original daily trip logs.

No, NEMT transportation providers must contract with LogistiCare.  LogistiCare is the DMAS contracted Transportation Broker that is responsible for assigning and paying for FFS Medicaid transportation.

No, NEMT transportation requests are preauthorized, assigned, and paid for by LogistiCare.

No, billing invoice forms and trip logs cannot to be faxed or emailed. The original documents must be sent via USPS mail, FedEx, UPS etc. and must be received by 5 PM EST on or before the “Invoice Due to Claims Center” date.

Yes, for assistance please call LogistiCare at 866-386-8331.

The claims center does not and cannot assign trip numbers. Please contact the Utilization Review Department at 866-809-4620 ext. 2655 and request assistance. They will research the request. You will receive notification of a new job number or denial.

Your attendant payment will be listed in the “Attendant” column of the LogistiCare Batch Verification Detail Report.

Resubmissions should be sent to the claims center with the trip logs and the reason for resubmission. Complete the Resubmit Form.  If you feel the information you submitted is accurate and need assistance making corrections, please contact the Utilization Review Department. 

Contact your Regional Office and request an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) form. Complete the form and return it to the claims center for processing.

It normally takes 3- 4 weeks to process an EFT application.  If you decide to cancel your EFT, please complete another EFT form to cancel the transfer.  This should be done 2-3 weeks prior to your next payment.  Download the file or contact your Regional Office and request an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) form.

Claims received by the Invoice Due to Claims Center date (see Virginia Provider Payment Schedule) will be processed by the following Check Disbursement Date. 

Please allow a minimum of ten (10) business days from the date the check was disbursed before contacting the claims center.  After you have allowed a minimum of ten days, please contact the claims center at 866-907-1502.  Only after ten business days will LogistiCare stop a payment and reissue a check.  If you are using EFT, please allow twenty-four (24) hours for the monies to post to your account.

Please reconcile your invoice against the Batch Detail Report, there may be denied trips.  If you feel that a trip was denied in error or omitted, please resubmit the trip for processing.  Please include a copy of your trip log and the Resubmit Form with your resubmission.

Invalid Driver/Vehicle means that your driver and/or vehicle are not compliant with the requirements of the Transportation Agreement.  Contact your Regional Manager and the Compliance Specialist Team immediately.

The claims center does not and cannot change mileage. Any mileage discrepancies will have to be discussed with your Regional Office.  Please refer to your Transportation Agreement regarding mileage.  Mileage is calculated as the shortest distance in street or road miles from the pick-up point to the destination.  If you believe there to be a mileage error, you must bring it to LogistiCare’s attention before running the trip. LogistiCare will review the trip or trips in question and may reference other software to verify the distance.  Any correction remains the sole decision of LogistiCare. If you are not satisfied with LogistiCare’s decision regarding the mileage, you may reroute the trip. Performance of a trip constitutes acceptance of the mileage provided by LogistiCare.

The claims center pays according to rates that are in the Transportation Agreement between the transportation provider and LogistiCare. In the event that you feel your rates are incorrect, please contact your Regional Manager immediately.

The job number that you submitted is in LogistiCare’s system; however, it is assigned to another Transportation Provider.  If you performed the trip, contact the Transportation Provider Line or Utilization Review Department for resolution.

You can email the LogistiCare Virginia Claims Center at  You can also contact the claims department at 866-907-1502. 

Billing invoice forms and trip logs are due by the dates on the Virginia Provider Payment Schedule for the current year.

Checks are mailed or payments are posted to your account on the Check Disbursement date indicated on the Transportation Provider Payment Schedule.

LogistiCare’s Claims Center                                                          

798 Park Avenue NW

Norton, VA 24273


Trips can be denied for various reasons (invalid driver, no pick up time, no signatures, no drop off time, no per trip billed amount, non-compliant vehicles/drivers, etc). Denial reasons will be listed on the Transportation Provider Detail Report.

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